Monday, April 25, 2005

Another Fun-tastic Music Meme.

This one comes courtesy of... well, I don't know where it started, really, but I swiped it from the industrious elves over at The Generik Brand. Basically, it's a list of 30 bands/artists you've seen live. I think I'm supposed to take bands from someone else's list and then add my own, but that's too complicated, so I just made a new list. Mine is in no particular order, except that I've tried to put the bigger names toward the top so you all don't have to slog through the legions of unsigned local bands you've never heard of. So, here it is in all its glory. Try not to laugh at some of them...

1. Sonic Youth
2. Beck
3. Mudhoney
4. Pavement
5. The Breeders
6. Bruce Springsteen
7. Sting
8. Joan Baez
9. Tracy Chapman
10. Peter Gabriel
11. Yousou N'Dour
12. Village People
13. Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
14. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
15. Sebadoh
16. Everclear
17. Mecca Normal
18. Rocket From the Crypt
19. Kurt Cobain (solo)
20. Th' Faith Healers
21. Ethyl Meatplow
22. Geraldine Fibbers
23. The Spinanes
24. The Jesus Lizard
25. Oingo Boingo
26. Nothing Painted Blue
27. Pavement
28. Beat Happening
29. Nation of Ulysses
30. Slant 6

And so on, and so on, and so on...

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