Tuesday, June 21, 2005

My Mark VII Fix.

I've been remiss in not mentioning how utterly cool it is that Dragnet 1967, the first season of Jack Webb's '60s revival, is finally available on DVD.

The packaging is a little screwy (17 episodes on three discs means 14 episodes on a double-sided disc 1, three episodes on disc 2, and an episode of the radio series -- the set's lone extra feature -- on disc 3), but the shows themselves are killer. By the time Webb made these shows, his hard-bitten noir sensibilities are drifting into campiness and his worldview had become seriously out of touch with the burgeoning youth culture of the time. It's a classic combination, and there's some killer dialogue to boot. ("Don't make my partner lean on you, because when he leans on you, he comes in hot and heavy and deep and doesn't stop until he strikes oil!")

Current music: Ozomatli's "Street Signs". Groove, baby, groove!

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