Monday, October 24, 2005

My Boss.

My boss heard me cough at work tonight. Now, for most folks this isn't any big deal, except that our department chair, along with his other shortcomings, is something of a hypochondriac. So, the cough was followed by a few concerned questions about my health, a lecture about getting a flu shot and, as he was leaving, an urging to go home and get some rest so I can get better.

The thing is, he has no idea that I came to work ragingly sick last week (with the same nasty cold that sidelined Mary Ann and Sarah) and put out the paper while feeling absolutely miserable. That's because he never actually spent enough time in the office (at least, outside his closed door during business hours when everyone else is there) to know I was coughing and hacking and sneezing all over that place, and this little cough tonight is just part of the final death throes of said cold.

He is so clueless sometimes...

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