Friday, November 17, 2006

Cool Web Things.

Once again, I forego any sort of substantive content in favor of a bunch of links. (Apparently I have a life. So sue me.)

Want to know how popular your name has been throughout history, check out the Baby Name Wizard. It seems that approximately 10,000 billion Erics were born in same year as me. But I'm unique, dammit! (Flash required)

Anyway, if you had trouble in high school physics, you might want to skip this one. For the rest of you, enjoy this thought experiment in what the 10th dimension might be like. (More Flash required)

Want to know what's playing on the radio right now anywhere in the country? Of course you do. (Need I remind you that you need Flash to view this?)

I think I've posted this before, but they've changed URLs and done a nifty redesign. Check out JoeSportsFan's Worthless Card Collection. (No Flash required. What are they, Luddites?)

Monkey portraits!

Finally, Bizarre Records makes me wish I had the money to go vinyl hunting more often.

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