Friday, August 13, 2004

My iTunes.

For various reasons, I can't have the hottest lifestyle accessory going right now, the iPod. Those of you who know how much I love music will also know how jealous this makes me, but at least I have the next best thing to get me by -- the iTunes on my work computer. (At least when I can listen to it without annoying my officemates or getting called away from my desk constantly.) Here are my current heavy rotation songs...

"Crazy Train," Ozzy Osbourne
For my money, probably the Ozz-man's finest moment. Play it loud, baby. And you know who would do a kick-ass cover of this song? Jack Black. He was born to sing those lyrics.

"Gamen (Vulture)," Garmarna
They may be virtually unknown here in the U.S., but these Norwegians make some pretty rockin' updates of traditional Scandanavian folk tunes (and various other really old songs). This is from their album "Vengeance." Again, play it loud.

"Sister Christian," Night Ranger
Remember that creepy drug dealer guy at the end of "Boogie Nights"? Well, I feel just like that everytime I hear this song. Call me a fool, because I know Night Ranger sucks, and every thinking person knows that Night Ranger sucks, but I can't help loving this song.

"One More Cup of Coffee," Sertab
I don't really know anything about Sertab other than that she's from Turkey and once won the Eurovision song contest. But her version of the Bob Dylan song, from the soundtrack to "Masked & Anonymous," is wonderfully majestic and cinematic. Perfect background music to the movies of your mind. I must find more stuff by her.

"California Dreamin'," DJ Sammy
Another cover of the ubiquitous (almost over-ubiquitous) classic. But this dance floor track is just so sunny and happy, I can't resist cranking it up. Outside of the dance club, it's also perfect for riding along the coastline with the top down in true California fashion.

There are others, but I'll save those for another time...


Anonymous said...

Ever heard of Puracane? If not, check them out. I think they're British, maybe? I recently discovered them and I like them a lot so far.


Eric B. said...

I haven't heard of them. Might have to check into that...