Monday, August 16, 2004

On Hiatus... Maybe?

In less than an hour, I get to leave the office and start a nearly-two week vacation that I am definitely looking forward to.

I intend to keep posting here during the vacation (it's not like we can actually afford to go anywhere, so we'll have plenty of time to hang around the house). The only problem is that right now I can't log into Blogger from home. The site has some sort of auto-login set for Mary Ann's account and can't get it to log out for the life of me. So, unless I can finally figure out what's up, I probably won't be able to post until I get back to my work computer on Aug. 30.

So, keep checking back. But if I don't see y'all until then, have a nice... well, whatever it is you're having!

1 comment:

ottergal said...

have a great vacation. and it doesn't matter what you're doing as long as it isn't work! :)